We will help inventors explore their options, provide practical help at every stage of the commercialization process or creation of a start-up enterprise and introduce them to a range of professional expertise needed to move their inventions from lab to market. Both inventors and the University will have an equitable profit sharing from the proceeds generated, be it via licensing fees, royalty payments and returns on investments.


From ideas to wealth. At BITCOM we strive to provide all your business needs to make sure you get to that final destination and perhaps, beyond. Come and have a chat with our business advisors to explore on business expansion, licensing, IP services and monitoring, promotion & marketing, market evaluation and technology foresighting.


BITCOM has a complete ecosystem to enhance your business by providing venues for events, training rooms, and co-working space with integrated facilities. We can also advise you on intellectual property protection and registration, assist you on legal matters relating to your business and link you with other professionals within our internal pool of expertise and also external industry resources.

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