Legal & IP Management Unit

This unit started with the inception of the Research Innovation and Business Unit (RIBU) in 2011. The IP Management unit at that time, comprised of the Head of IP Management, with two support staff. After RIBU was restructured and rebranded to BITCOM in 2019, the IP Management Unit is now called the Legal & IP Management Unit, with a Deputy Director, a Coordinator (vacant at the moment) and two support staff.
The main function of this unit is to conduct IP awareness programs and initiatives for UiTM staff to ensure that inventions and works created by UiTM are duly protected under IP. This unit also functions to strengthen the IP management system so that the  management of IP is efficient and effective.
This unit also acts as an information centre for general IP matters and the provider and keeper of University IP data for various University ranking purposes and monitoring agencies and other stakeholders. It also functions as a support system in the commercialisation process of UiTM innovations and technology.

Our Services


Conducts Intellectual Property protection for UiTM


Receives and manages the process of application for intellectual property for Patent, Utility Innovation, Industrial Design, Copyright, Trade Mark & Trade Secret.


Manages and updates the UiTM IP Database


Drafts commercial agreements and other related legal documentations


Consultation services related to IP and the legal provisions relevant to IP

Our Service

Conducts intellectual property protection for UiTM

Application for intellectual property protection in UiTM – Patent, Utility Innovation, Industrial Design, Copyright, Trade Mark & Trade Secret


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