What is MIH

MIH is a program that establish smart industry partnership under Commercialisation and Business Development Unit in order to attract more industries to actively participate in research and development activities in UiTM specifically for commercialization.


The program develops Industrial Research Laboratory (IRL) platform to provide an exciting space for industries to collaborate with UiTM. This collaboration must be based on win-win situations towards commercialization, local product development, research and development, human resource development, graduate employability and publication. MIH Program uses the existing strength of both parties (UiTM and industry), namely human resources, knowledge, skills, experience and networks in preparing the technology and market readiness.


The objectives of MIH are as follows:

  1. To empower research and development in line with industry commercialization needs.
  2. To produce competitive industrial prototypes.
  3. To boost up UiTM product and service commercialization activities.
  4. To increase the number of UiTM intellectual property rights.
  5. To empower the human resources development for industrial needs through industrial training, graduate internships and expert attachment
  6. To rise up the number of high-quality publications in journals, proceedings, books, business reports, magazines, papers, and other publication platforms.


MIH as a Smart Industry Partnership
“Embracing Industry@UiTM”

Both parties have different objectives for the respective establishment, hence, it is crucial to understand and to embrace in an open mind for us to achieve our objectives
Sustainability Mechanism - Financial


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