What is Product & Marketing Incubation

(PMI) Program?

PMI is product development support service provided by BITCOM, a project emerged in response to the rapid growth in number of technologies and products by UiTM experts. It is a portion of BITCOM’s move to initiate campus2market in UiTM. Accepted technology or product for this program must have a winning concept with broad market appeal to be chosen over many other applicants.

Each technology or product will be planned and incubated to cater each of their unique needs and marketing strategy trough product and market validation. Product validation includes quality assessment, production line refinement and cost calculation. Marketing validation will include customer acceptance and feedback. The product developed from this project will be introduced to high performing companies in Malaysia, resulting in potential partnerships and better chances for success


  • To develop a concept or a prototype into a working, marketable technology or product. The outcome of this project will carry UiTM owned Intellectual property (IP), will be marketed as a UiTM product and carry UiTM branding.
  • To develop home-grown talents: project members will be gaining project management skill and knowledge, laboratory-based skills, promotion and marketing skills and most importantly, participants will learn to mould their very own business and financial model.
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